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The purpose of the CFG Paradigm Pages is to demonstrate the involvement and impact the CFG Participating Investigators (PIs) and the scientific cores have made towards the CFG's overall goal to 'define paradigms by which protein-carbohydrate interactions mediate cell communication.' To lay the foundation for this vision, the CFG Steering Committee assembled a team of PIs to identify “Paradigms” that represented exemplary glycan binding proteins (GBPs) for each major family. Ultimately, 30 Paradigms were selected to cover 9 families of GBPs. The Paradigms share two key characteristics: they are representative of many other GBPs in their family, and they have clear biological functions that have become better understood through the use of CFG resources. Combined, the Paradigms cover the majority of the mammalian and microbial GBPs that are within the scope of the CFG, and show how the CFG has driven progress in the field as a whole.

Instructions can be found here.

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