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The CFG Reagent Bank offers carbohydrate compounds, antibodies, and enzymes for investigators' use. Many of these reagents were produced by the CFG's Glycan Array Synthesis Core (Core D) during its period of operation from 2001-2011, and will remain available until stocks are depleted. To cover the cost of distributing reagents, investigators will be requested to pay a $250.00 handling fee plus shipping costs for each resource request. A request can include more than one reagent. The following materials are currently available for distribution to investigators, and the quality control data for these reagents can be viewed by clicking to methods and data.

  • Synthetic Glycans are available for investigators to use to confirm ligands identified by glycan array screening at the Protein-Glycan Interaction Resource of the CFG (formerly Core H), further assess lectin-ligand specificity and affinity, inhibit protein-glycan interactions, perform co-crystallization studies, and other purposes.

  • Antibodies are available for investigators to use to identify and/or purify glycoconjugates, inhibit protein-glycan interactions, define the glycosylation status of cells, perform histochemical staining, assay enzymes, sort cells, and other purposes.

  • Carbohydrate standards for mass spectrometry are available for investigators in need of complex glycans of known structure. The library includes glycans with both modified and un-modified reducing ends.

  • Enzymes (glycosyltransferases) are available for investigators to use for chemo-enzymatic synthesis of glycans.

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    In addition to the materials listed above that are ready for distribution, the CFG has acquired, and will continue to acquire, other materials for various uses. Visit these links for more information and to learn how to submit compounds for inclusion on future versions of the CFG's mammalian glycan array.

  • Pathogen Glycan Array

  • Submit Compounds for CFG Glycan Array

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